Wadaiko Rindo


Answering the call

Since the start of 2019 we’ve felt a tangible absence at Wadaiko Rindo. Our beloved lead performer, Ami Akimoto, announced that she would be leaving Melbourne to travel overseas for a while. “How long is ‘a while’?” we all asked. Wadaiko Rindo colleague and close friend, Mia-Alexandra Sky, chats with[…]

2017 Annual Student Concerts – a brief overview

Our 22nd annual student concerts, held at Rosstrevor Hall of Brighton Grammar School, brought to an end another year of learning and spreading the word on the ancient art of taiko. Over a hundred students and ensemble players performed to delighted audiences. This year the program was colourful and varied.[…]

Wadaiko Rindo performers at Narita Taiko Festival 2017

Each year our team grows stronger and closer, and 2017 has been no different. Last month, Wadaiko Rindo performers from Australia and Germany conducted a pilgrimage to Japan, each following their own adventure around the country, converging at the famous Narita taiko festival on April 15 – 16. Many street[…]

AKIRA with Black Cab and Toshi Sakamoto

Anime and live taiko drumming. Once you’ve heard the idea it seems like something that should be happening all the time – a perfect combination, like peanut butter and jam or chocolate and anything. We invited one of our performing members, Dr Catherine Strong, senior lecturer at RMIT University, to write[…]

Kazuaki Tomida workshops for Wadaiko Rindo

Wadaiko Rindo is honoured to welcome guest taiko soloist and master, KAZUAKI TOMIDA. After a wonderful experience at the recent All Australian Wadaiko Festival held at the Gold Coast, Kazuaki sensei has been conducting workshops for Wadaiko Rindo students this week and will also be performing at our Family Concert[…]

Flowers Will Bloom benefit concert a success

The “Flowers will Bloom” charity concert for the survivors across the Tohoku region in Japan was held at Docklands, Melbourne, on Friday 11th March, 2016. Many artists participated to make the night a success and Wadaiko Rindo is very proud to have taken part in the event. A total of[…]

2015 Annual Concerts | two decades in review

Our 20th annual student concerts closed another year of learning and spreading the word on the ancient art of taiko. Held at the Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre, a sophisticated theatre at Xavier College in Kew, over a hundred students and ensemble players performed to delighted audiences. Among the pieces[…]

20th anniversary concerts set to be a blast!

Two performances on the same day will mark the official celebrations of Wadaiko Rindo’s 20th year in Melbourne. After the success of the new venue in 2014, we will be returning to the Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre (EHPAC) at Xavier College, Kew. Celebrating 20 years, the theme is “the[…]

Our odaiko makes its debut for Richmond FC in 2015

Ever since the 2013 footy season, Wadaiko Rindo have been providing Tigers fans and players support at the start of all the Richmond FC home games. As reported on Richmond’s website, the atmosphere in the MCG is electric just before bounce-down at these games, where our drummers perform as Richmond[…]

Rindo Miyake classes in March

Have you been keeping fit and stretching? Time to put your flexibility, strength and coordination to practice at the Rindo Miyake Intermediate/Advanced class on Friday 27th March. Please make a booking if you are interested in this session. Places fill fast! Friday 27th March, 7.30 – 8.50pm Class fee: $20