Wadaiko Rindo 2013 Kumamoto tour

Wadaiko Rindo 2013 Kumamoto tour

Filmed and edited by Mia-Alexandra Sky, using behind the scenes footage from Wadaiko Rindo’s trip to Japan, as part of the Kumamoto Japan Australia Association’s 40th anniversary celebrations in 2013. Fourteen of members of Wadaiko Rindo travelled to Kumamoto and Fukuoka to perform and to attend and conduct workshops. It was a memorable cultural exchange experience for all involved!

This clip was created as a memento for students who participated in the tour, but also for all Wadaiko Rindo students and friends to share the brief glimpse into our experience.

This video is not being used for commercial purposes. It is simply a keepsake for the students. Please enjoy.

Music accompaniment for this collage of memories was mixed by Mia-Alexandra Sky and amongst other percussive tracks, includes “The Spidey Suite” by Danny Elfman.

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  1. Annette Marengo - October 28, 2017 10:45 am

    I can’t get enough of these wonderful proformers,


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