Wadaiko Rindo 2015 – 20th Anniversary

Wadaiko Rindo 2015 – 20th Anniversary

A video by Mia-Alexandra Sky, using behind the scenes footage from Wadaiko Rindo’s classes, performances and workshops spanning 20 years. This clip was created to commemorate two decades of Wadaiko Rindo and introduced the annual student concerts on 12 December 2015, in Melbourne, Australia.

Toshi Sakamoto leads the drumming ensemble with strength, charisma and never ending patience and nurture, as the students enjoy learning taiko, with all the effort and commitment it takes.

This video is not being used for commercial purposes. It is simply a keepsake for the students and friends of Wadaiko Rindo. Please enjoy.

Music accompaniment for this collage of memories was mixed by Mia-Alexandra Sky and includes excerpts of tracks “Shades of Orion 2” by Tetsu Inoue and Pete Namlook, “Ambient Space” by Julien H Mulder, “Mind Control” by Pp Music and a Wadaiko Rindo original studio recording composed and produced by Toshi Sakamoto, Ami Akimoto, Masahiro Yamazaki, Mia-Alexandra Sky and Nik Ramchand.

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