What we do

What we do

Weekly Taiko Classes

People of all backgrounds, cultures and ages come together and enjoy playing taiko with Wadaiko Rindo. Motivation for joining also varies enormously. We have students who joined after enjoying a Wadaiko Rindo public appearance or concert, others participated in a school demonstration years earlier when they were in primary school,[…]

School Demonstrations & Workshops

Wadaiko Rindo’s performances and workshops in schools are very popular and have received a recommendation from the Victorian State Ministry of Education and provide an accessible and participatory cultural experience to primary and secondary students throughout Australia. The benefits of group music classes are well documented. Students who participate in[…]


Across Australia, hundreds of municipalities celebrate multiculturalism through festivals and community events throughout the year. Wadaiko Rindo performs at dozens of cultural and music festivals, within Victoria and further afield. People hear the drumming from afar and come to seek out the stage. Members of the public can sometimes even[…]

Corporate Events

Wadaiko Rindo are popular performers at conferences, client functions, award events and product launches. Every product launch needs noise, right?. Excite your clients, journalists, reviewers and sales teams with interactive programs or pure performance. In recent years, Wadaiko Rindo has participated in entertainment for a pharmaceutical conference, book launches, change[…]